The Benefits

Graston Technique to break down the scar tissue and fascia restrictions caused by soft tissue trauma, therapists are able to reduce patient pain and increase function and has many benefits:

  • Decreased Overall Time of Treatment 

  • Better Outcomes in Treating Both Acute and Chronic Injuries

  • Faster Rehabilitation and Recovery Time 

  • Reduced Need for Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Medications

  • Resolves Chronic Conditions Thought to be Permanent

  • Allows Patients to Maintain Normal Activity During Treatment

  • Resolves Effects of Post Surgical Scarring

This is just a list of the more common benefits of Graston Technique.   If you are interested in learning about more benefits, case studies, and clinical studies or want to read patient testimonials about conditions like yours, CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON GRASTON TECHNIQUE.

instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

How It Works

The Graston Technique® Instruments, much like a tuning fork, resonate in the clinician's hands allowing the clinician to isolate adhesions and restrictions, and treat them very precisely.  Since the metal surface of the instruments does not compress, as do the fat pads of the finger, deeper restrictions can be accessed and treated. When explaining the properties of the instruments, we often use the analogy of a stethoscope.  Just as a stethoscope amplifies what the human ear can hear, so do the instruments increase significantly what the human hands can feel.

Graston Technique® has become standard protocol in universities and hospital-based outpatient facilities.  The technique is also being used at industrial settings and by trainers of the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB.  Only clinicians who have been trained and accredited in the Graston Technique® are qualified to obtain the Graston Technique® instruments and apply the technique to treat patients.  Dr. Douglas Nagel is an accredited treatment provider and has been certified since 2002.

Graston Technique

What It Is

Graston Technique® is a therapy for soft tissues - muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. This treatment is an innovative, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions.  The technique utilizes six specially designed stainless steel instruments that contour to the different areas of the body, allowing physicians to specifically detect  and  effectively  treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis and/or chronic inflammation.  Although the tools are stainless steel, they are not sharp, but rather smooth and contoured to the body.

During the healing process, our body often repairs injured soft-tissues with adhesive scar tissue.  Over time, people can have a build-up of this non-moveable scar tissue, which can restrict normal movement, stiffen and tighten an area, and lead to pain and dysfunction.  Graston instruments are used to glide along the involved areas, allowing doctors to locate and heal the damaged areas.  The curvilinear edge of the patented Graston Technique® Instruments combines with their concave/convex shapes to mold the instruments to various contours of the body.  This design allows for ease of treatment, minimal stress to the clinician's hands and maximum tissue penetration.

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